Keep Moving, Everyday: The Importance of Stretching

Keep Moving, Everyday: The Importance of Stretching image

Keep Moving, Every Day: The Importance of Stretching

There are several ways to ensure you use your whole body throughout the day and it doesn’t have to be a grueling workout routine. Here are some simple ways you can ensure you use all of your body throughout the day. 

The Benefits of Stretching

There is a reason this feels so great because when you stretch in the mornings you wake up all your muscles with you. This is especially important if you spend the majority of the day sitting down at work. There are multiple benefits to properly stretching and will have the following positive effects on your body.

·         Prevents and reduces stress and tension

By starting your day with a calming stretch (which should always be accompanied by conscious deep breathing) you will reduce tension and stress in your body by relaxing all of your muscles. This also makes you less likely to build up stress in your muscles throughout the day.

·         Improves circulation

If you stretch first thing in the morning you are prompting your body to better deliver nutrients to muscle tissue through improved circulation. This also means you are less likely to strain a muscle when you move later, in a workout for example.

·         Increase flexibility in muscles and joints

Stretching is the easiest means of improving and also preserving your current level of flexibility. This will also ensure that you do not injure yourself during a workout later in the day. Your knee, hip, shoulder and ankle joints will be warm and ready to take on the day.

·         Improved posture

Tight and tensed muscles can have a negative effect on your posture. Stretching is especially effective for improving posture for those who spend a large chunk of the day sitting behind a desk. Your change in posture after taking on morning stretching will become evident soon.

·         Fewer body aches and pains

The aches and pains that many people experience in their joints and muscles is due to tension and stiffness. Warming up the body in the morning through stretching will warm up the joints and can help to alleviate these pains.

I attach a few stretches you can easily do at your desk to reduce muscle tension during a stressful work day. Click here.

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