5 Ways in which Exercise Improves Women's Health

5 Ways in which Exercise Improves Women

 Women’s Health: 5 Challenges and How Exercise Can Improve them

Exercise is beneficial to everyone and to live a long and healthy life we should all make efforts to make this part of our routine. However, exercise has health benefits, specifically for women. This article will discuss those particular benefits and how they can help solve challenges faced by women.

1. Minimise Mood Swings

Hormonal mood swings can be impacted positively by regular exercise. When natural feminine feel good hormones are in short supply exercise steps in by releasing endorphins. Regular exercise can keep your hormone levels in check to reduce the occurrence of hormonally induced mood swings.

2. Improve Your Sex Life

Exercise has the ability to boost your libido and your sexual response. This is in part due to regulating your hormones as well as uplifting your mood, stamina and body image. Now you and your partner can work out together to boost energy levels even further.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Women carry high levels of stress; hormonal and otherwise. Exercise can help to reduce high levels of stress and anxiety that have been known to lead to depression. Exercise will not only help you relax but the release of endorphins will create a “good feeling” that keeps you coming back for more. 

You will naturally increase your body temperature which has been proven to calm nerves. An improved body image and feeling healthy will also do wonders for your state of mind.

4. Improve the Condition of your Hair and Skin

Due to the fact that exercise improves circulation and enhances the blood flow to your skin it can give you an instant glow and even fight the sign of ageing. Sweating has been known to flush the cellular debris from your skin that is the culprit for causing spots and blemishes. 

Exercise can even correct hormonal imbalances responsible for most cases of adult acne. Blood flow from exercise to the scalp makes your healthier and stronger. Oxygen rich blood flows to the hair follicle supplying them with the nutrients and antioxidants they need while destroying any free radicals which damage hair.

5. Beneficial During Pregnancy

Exercise is safe during pregnancy but be sure to do so with a doctor’s blessing and under supervision. Exercise can help to alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms many experience during pregnancy including:

·         Backaches

·         Bloating

·         Swelling (thanks to improved circulation)

·         Constipation

·         Low energy levels

·         Mood swings

·         Trouble sleeping

There are endless benefits for women’s health when it comes to regular and responsible exercise. If you have any specific concerns regarding exercise consult a professional biokineticist such as Jacky Hattingh. This way you can get specialist advice to safely make exercise a part of your life.


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