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Biokinetics: Keeping You Moving As You Age

Physical maintenance through biokinetics has multiple benefits to keep you healthy and mobile as you age. With the advances made in medical care people are living to become much older which makes preserving the muscles and joints in your body even more crucial. After all, you only get one so you should look after it so it can serve you well into your old age.

What is Biokinetics?

Biokinetics is often closely associated with injured athletes and getting them back in fighting form after an injury but it is more than that. It is often used to treat patients who suffer from back pain or have had a joint replacement. Biokinetics is high up on the list of most effective prevention and management of chronic degenerative diseases. Biokinetics can have a positive effect on those struggling with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Heart disease

Through the individualized assessment of a person’s physical ability a biokineticist can help to implement rehabilitative and preventative therapy in the form of exercise.

The Benefits of Biokinetics for Aging

Understanding the many and complex variables involved in ageing, most importantly: lifestyle, chronic disease and genetics, is crucial to taking preventative measures.

As we age the structures that make up our joints begin to deteriorate. To slow down this process all adults should remain active to preserve the level of range and function of their joints.

People over 50 who are struggling with their weight will benefit greatly from biokinetics as it can help them reduce their weight while making their joints and muscles stronger. This also gives them a means of controlling their weight as they continue to age.

The most beneficial aspect of visiting a biokineticist is the fact that you will receive personalised care that is geared to treat you as an individual. 

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