5 Ways to Protect Your Skin This Holiday

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5 Skin Care Tips for Summer: Protecting your Skin this Season

Even though it is time for relaxation and putting your feet up this holiday you should not slack on your skin care routine. Even though harmful UV rays are out and about all year, you are most likely to expose yourself to them during the summer holidays.

This article will teach you how you can enjoy every aspect of your holiday while applying the appropriate heat and summer protection products and techniques on top of your regular skin care routine.

1.      Don’t Forget Your Lips

What many of us tend to forget when we are out and about enjoying the sunshine is that even when we apply sunscreen we may have missed a spot or two. The lips are exceedingly important to protect from sun damage. As anyone who suffers from cold sores or fever blisters will know, too much sun expose can lead to an outbreak.

In an effort to avoid this invest in a lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher. This will protect your lips from burning and avoid any nasty visitors in the form of herpes simplex virus (HSV1) or cold sores.

2.      Skip the Hot Shower

If your skin has been damaged by the sun a hot shower will only further retain that heat and dry out your skin even more than it already is. Opt for lukewarm showers in summer to prevent your skin from drying out. Cool showers will help prevent excess sweating which could decrease any seasonal acne breakouts.

3.      Make a Hat a Priority

Caps won’t cut it as they do not protect your whole face from the sun. Adorn a large hat with a brim this summer to ensure your face and head (equally important) are protected from the harsh sun. You’ll be thankful when you see how everyone else on holiday seem to have noses that are peeling from sunburn and you don’t.

4.    Don’t Scratch the Bug Bites

With summer comes bugs, bugs that bite. To avoid leaving marks and scars do not scratch. Invest in a product to reduce the itching. By scratching you will risk scarring your own skin and maybe even contracting an infection.

5SPF Protection, Every Day, All Day

Most importantly, and this cannot be stressed enough: you need to put on an SPF of at least 30  repeatedly throughout the day. Opt for something stronger like SPF 50 if you will be outside in direct sun. Even a single sunburn can damage your skin irreparably so there is no negotiating this one. 

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Have a safe summer!


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