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Lifestyle Assessment: Know the right choices to make

When it comes to your lifestyle choices some may be affecting your health more severely than others. But how would you know if this was the case? Thankfully, a way to understand how your lifestyle affects your individual health is now available. With this information you have the power to change your future by taking your well-being into your own hands. With Jacky Hattingh’s Personalised Medicine you can adopt a lifestyle geared to let you live your best life for as long as possible.

Decoding Your Genetics

The majority of chronic conditions you may be suffering from can be affected by your diet. Before your diet can be adjusted to minimise your chronic conditions they need to be identified. By undergoing professional genetic testing, we can determine what chronic conditions you may be more susceptible to or be showing symptoms of already.

You do not have to be a victim to your genes, these modern processes allow us to step in through the necessary avenues to reduce the pain and symptoms of genetic predispositions. Nutrigenomics allows us to take a strategic approach to changing your diet.

The process of discovering your personal genetic makeup is made possible via modern technology and medical testing. It may even uncover ailments you were never aware of. Luckily, we are not in the business of making you aware of problems without providing the necessary solutions.

Using your Food as Medicine

Once your DNA is decoded your nutritional and lifestyle assessments can take place. We will discuss your medical history with you as well as any other medical concerns you have before going forward. Once we have all the information we need, we can employ the art and science of nutrigenomics in order to plan a diet and other lifestyle changes that is aimed at preventing and reducing any risks, increasing vitality

Jacky Hattingh will be able to make informed dietary recommendations based on her knowledge of nutritional requirements, your nutritional status as well as the outcome of your DNA testing. Your lifestyle then becomes a means to maximise your genetic potential.  You will be encouraged to make healthy choices specifically designed to treat your particular genetic issues (should you have any).

You will be provided with a full report detailing the key metabolic areas you would do well to focus on. Dieting is a means to take these control switches and allow them to not only no longer hinder you. In fact, with the information from the genetic tests analysis you could be set up to live your best life. Whether you want to lose weight, know which exercises are best for you, preserve your brain health, slow down the aging process or reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer, depression and other chronic conditions, this is the one test that can help you achieve all that. The best thing is – you only ever have to do it once.

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