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What is Nutrigenomics?

In a nutshell nutrigenomics is nutritional genomics. This is the study of the interaction between nutrition and your genes, and how this can be used in the prevention or treatment of certain diseases and improve overall health. Gregor Mendel gave us an understanding of inheritance and Watson and Crick helped us understand the double helix of DNA, as well as how we need to use this knowledge to our advantage.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how your genes determine the way your body responds to food and exercise as nutrition interacts with your individual genes and DNA’s structure. With what we are learning in this field we can begin to more effectively help people understand what is best for them and their bodies when it comes to their diet and overall well-being.

Nutrigenomics for Preventative Health

Your genes play an important role in the way your body responds to food. The food you eat has the ability to change your genetic expression and the balance between your diet and genetics. Some genes are considered to be diet regulated, which can play an effective role in interrupting the progression or severity of certain diseases and afflictions.

How Can Your Diet Change your Gene Expression?

Gene expression is the process whereby the information from a gene’s DNA is translated into a substance, commonly a protein, which serves a function within the cell’s structure. Research shows that it could have an effect on the onset and progression of diabetes, dementia, certain cancers and cardio vascular disease.

The Benefits of Nutrigenomics

Plant-based diets are known to aid in many bodily functions and keep the body free from toxins and functioning properly. You have the power to change your genetic destiny by making certain lifestyle choices. Nutrigenomics can help you battle aging, obesity and even cancer.

The use of nutrigenomics for your health has the power to optimise the following:

·         Weight loss

·         Weight management

·         Weight maintenance

·         Dietary modifications

·         The kinds of exercises required

A personalised diet and exercise routine can be set up to work in conjunction with your DNA in order to optimise your weight loss by basing it on your metabolism, lipolysis and fat absorption, energy balance and detoxification.

Nutrigenomics can even be employed to optimise biological process, including:

·         Cholesterol regulation

·         Bone health

·         Vitamin B metabolism/methylation

·         Inflammation

·         Detoxification

·         Antioxidant status

·         Insulin sensitivity

Nutrigenomics is in place to help people use their diet as a means of keeping themselves healthy in all aspects. 

After all, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Contact us to start your journey to understand how your body functions and how you can be your very best!


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