We are biokineticists/ clinical exercise specialists, using exercise as our mode of therapy to treat joint and muscle injuries. Therapy is aimed at restoring normal biomechanics, relief pain and prevent another injury or return to the sports field. We also use exercise and lifestyle medicine to provide on-going care for patients with chronic disease conditions including Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, chronic lower back pain, gastrointestinal and immune conditions.

We carefully assess each individual, from understanding all health risks we continue to do a postural analysis as well as the problem joint or area to understand what has contributed to the current injury. It is our knowledge and understanding and sincere care that helps us understand the person and the injury that leads to a personalized rehabilitation programme prescription, continuous support and patient education that leads to healing and improvement. We continue to look for better ways to treat, keeping up with research and educating ourselves in areas that we are most interested in.


“Thought I should let you know I ran my first half marathon in fifteen years last weekend. I experienced no ITB pain. What started off last year as a telephone conversation with you where you showed more interest in my ITB than anyone else, has resulted in me resuming my running in a way I never thought possible”

“It is clear to me that you are more than a biokineticist! A darn good one but certainly you are more than that. It's so wonderful to meet someone like you who has such insight into healing properties and a deep understanding of the psyche-soma concept. you are humbly integrative and I imagine like me, your patients really feel your intentions and authenticity."